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Monday, January 30, 2012

Part II of Guardian Angel

Here is part II of the short story called Guardian Angel. Be sure to check out the link at the bottom for more.

Guardian Angel (Part II)
As the sun rose on a new day, a soft beam of light filters its way through the window, softly land on Samantha’s face, warming her skin. She slowly opens her eyes while stretching out the remaining sleepiness. She makes her way into the bathroom to shower. As the warm water wakes her up, the same words that were spoken to her the previous night, comes back to her mind. A smile slowly creeps onto her face as memories start to flood into her mind and the love of God enters her heart.
She finishes her shower, gets dressed, picked up her cell phone, and dialed a number she hasn’t called in a very long time. She four rings and then a message starts, “Hey you have reached Michael’s cell phone, leave your name and number and I will be get back to you as soon as I can.” Beeeep.
Samantha paused, thinking to herself, “Saved by the beep.” and trying to find the strength to say what she needs to say. “Mike, hey its Sam, how are you doing? I hope you’re good. Hey, I was thinking and maybe we could get together. Let me know. Um, okay…bye.”
She hung up the phone, wondering why she even called him. It’s not like they have spoken in a year. He probably doesn’t even remember her. She puts this out of her mind and heads off to work and then school, just like every other day. Samantha is busy at work when her cell phone rings, unfortunately it’s on vibrate and she doesn’t here it ring. The call goes to voicemail, where the caller left a voicemail. She leaves for her lunch break and saw that she had a voicemail. She calls her voicemail and puts in the code, hoping the message is from Michael. Her hands start to shake as the voicemail starts.
“Sam…this is a surprise to say the least. I never expected to hear from you again.” Then the message went silent for a few seconds, and her heart skipped a beat, he then continued, “I would like to see you again, and catch up. How about we meet tomorrow at the old cafĂ© off 5th street? Call and let me know what you think. Bye for now.” Samantha hit seven to save the message, looks around, sees that there isn’t any one around, and does a little happy dance. She finished up work and on her way to work; she called up Michael, hoping he was home.
She heard two rings, and then a young man picked up the phone, “Hello?” Samantha almost lost her nerve right then, but took a deep breath and answered, “Mike?”
“Yes, this is him.”
“Hey, this is Sam, how ya doin’?
“Oh hey Sam, I am good, how are you doin’?
“I’m good, thanks. I was calling to let you know that tomorrow would be great.”
“Great, I get off work around 8pm, how does 8:30 sound?”
“That’s perfect.”
“Alright, I will pick you up at around 8:30pm.”
“Okay, see you then Mike, Bye” Samantha hung up the phone before he could even say good bye. Through the rest of the day, she kept looking up at the clock; wishing time would fly by so she could see the only man who had ever loved her. Memories and mistakes from long ago fill her mind. She finally could stand no more of this slow clock she put her desk in order and then left the office. Her boss would understand, she hoped.
As Samantha left work to go home and change for what she hoped was the first of many dates with Michael, a black Dodge Charger with tinted windows pulled out and began to follow her. The driver of the car looked in his rear view mirror and saw the fire in his eyes. He ran a hand through his hair which was black as coal. He had been told that he had a look that could hypnotize anyone.
The mysterious man in the black car pulled over across the street and watched as Samantha went into her house to get ready. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. As he talked to the person on the other line, he kept an eye on Samantha’s house. He hung up the phone and pressed a button on the dash of his car and it opens to reveal three monitors. As these monitors turn on, he sees Samantha getting ready for her date. A satisfied smile made its way onto his face as he continued to watch her.
As Michael was getting ready to go pick up Samantha, the being appears behind Michael and whispers in his ear, then disappears again. All of a sudden, a feeling that Samantha is in danger flashes into his mind, he finishes up and ran out his door, jumped into his car and raced off to Samantha’s apartment, hoping the feeling he had was wrong.


  1. Wow, not what I was expecting. Really good. I want to know who is the man and what is so interesting about Samantha????

  2. Your introduction of suspense added interest to this Tale. Look forward to next week.

  3. Love the tension toward the end