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Monday, February 13, 2012

Guardian Angel Part III

Finally...the next part to the exciting short story Guardian Angel. Remember to check out all the other short stories. Just click the link at the bottom. Till next time.

Guardian Angel (Part III)
The mysterious man glances down at his watch, seeing the time, he exits the car and makes his way around to the back of her house and tests the door knob. An evil smile spreads from ear to ear as he discovered that the door is indeed unlocked. He rubs his hands together as he slowly opens the back door and slips into her house. He saw the head lights of a car coming up the street, and knew he needed to hide so he slipped into the hidden passage way, only he knew about, being the previous owner of the house.
A car came to a screeching stop in front of Samantha’s house. She looks out the window trying to find out what the noise was about when she saw Michael jumping out of his car and rushing up to her door. She opened the door just as he got there. Samantha smiled and greeted him, “Hey there Mike.” He got to her, grabbed her by the shoulders and looked her over, “Are you alright?”
“I’m fine Mike, what’s wrong?”
“Stay right here, I need to check out something.” With that said, he rushed into her home and started looking everywhere. He finished going through Samantha’s house, and went back to where she was standing on the front porch.
“Everything looks fine.”
“Well of course it does Mike, what were you looking for?”
He thinks a moment, trying to decide if he should tell her about the feeling he had. He decides that being honest would probably be the best course. “I was getting ready for our date when a feeling came over me that you were in some kind of danger.” He thought back to the moment when he got the feeling and realized that it was more than a feeling. “Actually it was more than a feeling; it was more like a voice in my head or something. I know it sounds crazy Sam, but it did happen.”
Sam takes his hands and looks into his eyes, “You’re not crazy Mike. There are many instances where people have heard voices or have gotten a feeling not to do something, or to do something. It’s more common than you think. And besides, I would rather have you be here and be wrong, than not to have you here and have something happen.”
“I suppose you’re right Sam, I am just glad you are safe.” He smiled at her as they continue to talk about this and that.
A hidden door in the other room silently opened and a dark figure slipped out. He made his way over to the couple and knocked both of them out. He moved them both to his SUV and heads out of town, smiling to himself and congratulating himself on a job well done.
Gabriel stormed up to his Father, “Father, I was too late. I warned Michael, but he didn’t get there in time and now they have both been taken. How am I supposed to call myself a Guardian Angel, if I can’t do anything right?”
“Son, have no worry, things will work out. You have not failed.”
“How can you say this, I have not kept Samantha out of the clutches of the Evil one.”
His Father smiles at his son with a warm fatherly smile, “She isn’t alone, and you can’t take away their agency, they still have to choose.”
Gabriel starts to get frustrated, “What does that have to do with me messing up?”
“You will see in time. Have faith that Samantha and Michael will do the right thing.”


  1. I do wonder how the Evil One managed to get up so close to knock them both out without Mike seeing him, but am enjoying the suspense.

  2. Great suspense...and I love the name Gabriel -- always strikes me as dark and strong. :) Can't wait for next week

  3. The evil one is like a shadow that lurks and pounces when one least expects. Great job Kerry! So is the evil one using the Man's body who use to live in the house that Samantha is now residing in? Can't wait for next week to find out what their choices will be.

  4. Wow. Tension situation. Thought I came in during the middle of an action suspense movie.

  5. Interesting ending to the story.

  6. Very nice, can't wait to see more about the evil one.