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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guest Blog Post.

Greetings and Salutations Everyone!

This post is going to be a guest post by a friend of mine's daughter. This is her first blog and when I read it I just had to share it. I hope you all enjoy it. Everyone give her some love by going and reading her blog. I know all of you will because you all rock. I will post again soon. Till next time. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Good News!

Greetings and Salutations,

A lot has happened in the last few days, so I am going to take a few minutes to explain. I have been out of a job for a while now, about 8 months. During those 8 months, I have has some ups and I have had some downs. Seemed like more downs than ups, but as I am fond of saying, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I have to say that I am stronger now. Wednesday I had a job interview, and like the 20 or so of them I had previously, I didn't get that job. I was at my breaking point. I was starting to think that I wouldn't ever find a job. I had no more interviews lined up, no idea where to put in the next application. I had applied everywhere and for any job that I could think of. As I was at my breaking point I realized that I had done everything I could to get a job, everything I could do to find work somewhere and nothing had worked. I realized that I needed help, so I humbled myself, got on my knees and turned it all over to Heavenly Father. I told him that I had done all I could do and that I was turning it all over to him and I would subject myself to whatever He had in mind for me.

I must have finally learned what I was suppose to learn. I needed to learn patients, I needed to learn to trust in Him again. I need to learn that I couldn't do it on my own. Finally realized what I was suppose to realize which was to put my trust in Him and he would do the rest. And like he has promised those who do what he asks, he would bless those that do what he asked. After humbling myself, I received a text from my wonderful wife, reminding me that I needed to get into contact with a potential employer that I hadn't done yet. So I took a chance and sent out a quick email to them. Turned out they were still hiring and they wanted me to come in for an interview the next day. I went into that interview with high hopes. That lost feeling, and the feeling that I was about to break, was no longer there. The company interviewed me and then surprised me by hiring me on the spot. I couldn't have been more happy.

I look back on this experience with many lessons learned. I believe I am a better man because of this experience and I will take what I have learned so I don't have to repeat this. Thank you all for your undying support. I thank you all. Till next time.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sneak Peak

I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to post on my blog this time. I have decided I would post a little sneak peak of my next novel. If you have my first novel you were able to read first part of my new book. Well here is another little bit of book 2. I hope you enjoy. Till next time my friends.

Jaxon awoke in a cold sweat screaming Jacob’s name, she tried to get her bearings as she reached for the gun she keeps close to her bed. As she looked around her bedroom, she took a deep breath, and tried to slow her heart beat. Sarah came rushing in her room. “Jax are you ok?” She got onto her bed and wrapped her in her arms as the tears started to roll down Jaxon’s cheeks. After a few moments, Jax regained her composure and looked at Sarah. “Yeah, I am ok, it was just a dream.”
“You were yelling Jake’s name, and then you screamed that must have been some dream.” Sarah looked in to Jax’ eyes and smiles. “Would you like to talk about it?”
Jaxon smiled back and placed her hand on Sarah’s cheek. “Thank you for being here for me.” She told her about the vivid dream she had. And in the dream, Jacob and his family were killed and how she watched it happen, but couldn’t do anything about it.”
“It was just a dream, it’s not real. Remember what you always tell me when I have nightmares? You tell me that I am safe and that you won’t let anything happen to me. Well the same goes for you.”
“I need to call Jake and make sure he is ok.” She grabs the phone, dials the number, and prays he answers the phone. Jake answered the phone on the third ring. “Hello?” “Oh Jake, you are still alive, thank goodness.”
“Well yeah, what’s wrong Jax?” Suddenly embarrassed, she quickly detracts from the intense emotion the dream stirred. “It was nothing Jake, just a bad dream I will see ya at work.” She hung up the phone before Jake could say anything else. Sarah saw how red Jax got and started to laugh. They ended up in a pillow fight and talked away the early morning hours till Jax had to get up and go to work.


    Jake hung up the phone a little perplexed about the phone call he just got. Megan rolls over and sleepily asks who was on the phone. Jake told her it was just Jaxon and to go back to sleep. Jake lay in bed staring at the darkness, and wondered what caused Jaxon to call him. She had sounded pretty upset. Jake knew he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again, so he dressed and went for a run before work.
    Jake got to work and found Jaxon at her desk working on paper work. He smiled and walked up to her. “So are you going to tell me about this bad dream you had?” Jaxon blushed and looked up at her partner and friend. “Don’t worry about it, it was just a dream.” He looked at her with a look that asked if she was sure. She just smiled at him as if to say yes she is sure. Jake sat down at his desk and looked through some of the paper work that was cluttered up his desk. Jake new that she would tell him about the dream, she just needed a few minutes to compose her thoughts she always did.
Just like clockwork, a few minutes later she looked over at Jake and said. “The dream was about you and your family. It was horrible; all of you were killed by a team of assassins. There were four of them, and they each killed a member of your family. It seemed so real, which is why I called you.”
“It’s okay that you called. You know you can call anytime.” They continue to work at their desks until the captain stuck his head out of his office. “Alexander I need to speak with you.” “Yep, I’m on my way Captain.” Jake gets up and Jaxon gives him a ‘you’re in trouble look.’ Jake just smirks at her and heads to the captains office. “You needed to see me sir?”
“Yes Jake, take a seat. I would like to commend you on a job well done with the Most Wanted Task Force.” “Thank you sir, but I can’t take all the credit. I had a lot of help.” The captain stands up from his desk and starts pacing behind his desk. “I am taking you off the task force and placing you in charge of your own team of detectives and I am making you a LT. You will be working major crimes and picking up the slack in homicide.”
“Well, thank you sir, not sure what to say. I will accept this position on one condition. I get to pick my team.” The captain looked at Jake. “I don’t have a problem with that except there is one officer that you can’t have. I have assigned Sophia to take your place as head of the most wanted task force.”
“She is a good choice sir. She will do well. I will get you the list of who I want on my team to you as soon as I talk to them.” “Alright Jake, make sure you do. That will be all.”
Jake walked out of the captain’s office with a big smile on his face. Jaxon looked up at Jake. “Let me guess, you’re not in trouble?” “Better than that, Jax, the Captain has given me my own team of Detectives and making me LT. I told him that the only way I would accept this new position is if I get to pick my team. He agreed with that, but I can’t have Sophia because she has taken my place.
“So do you know who you will pick for your team?” Jake smiles. “I have some ideas.” “Well don’t leave me in suspense, tell me who you have chosen.” “Alright, I chose you to be my partner, if you still want the position. I’m sure Sophia would like keep you on the task force.”
“You know I go where you go, you can’t get rid of me that easily.”
“I agree it would take a lot more than that to get rid of you.”
They both laugh at that, then Jaxon gets a serious look on her face. “Who else have you decided on?”
“Well, I was talking to a long time friend of mine who worked for another police department. He was telling me that he was bored with what he was doing, but his LT. wouldn’t give him anything else so I told him I was putting my own team together and that he should put in a transfer and I would put him on my team. I just heard from him and his transfer went through so he will be joining us. His name is Blake Knightington.”
“I was thinking that you could place him with Detective Manu Kingston. I think they would be a good fit together.” Jake nodded his head in agreement, knowing the background of Manu Kingston. “How many are you planning on having on your team Jake?”
“I was thinking about having 5 members, you and I, Kingston and Knightington, and Kingston’s twin sister Ashaki Kingston, she is the best ADA this city has ever seen and we will need her on our team if we except to ensure that “The Butcher” pays for her crimes.”
Jax smiles at Jake. “I love the team and if anyone can make sure she pays, it will be us.”
“Alright, let’s get going, we are suppose to meet the team for lunch in 30 minutes.” They both head out to the cafĂ© for lunch. They walked in and saw the other three had already gotten a table. They sat down and Jake started the introductions. “Hey everyone, this is my partner, Jaxon Strong. Jaxon, this is Blake Knightington, and you know his partner Manu Kingston, and his sister Ashaki, the newest and arguably the best ADA.”
Ashaki blushed at the compliment she was given then smiles. “Hello Jax, it’s been a long time.” She stands up and they embrace, Ashaki winks at her brother, and lets Jax sit in between her and her brother. Her brother blushed as the rest of them laughed and ordered lunch.