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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Linna Drehmel

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Hey there Kerry thanks for having me on your blog!
Please don't let my picture scare you, I am actually a pretty nice person. I had an old friend from Idaho that I found on facebook who didn't know anything about my new career as an author and didn't know anything about my pen name. I was so excited that I sent her a friend request, she accepted it right away so I got on chat with her and started to talk to her. She said she didn't know who I was and I was beginning to scare her. YIKES! I explained to her who I was and we both laughed about it. I took a good look at my profile picture and realized that to someone who may not know me...I do look kind of scary. Like I am a vampire about to go out on the prowl or something. And really that is not the look I was going for. I was just hoping to look...well...KOOL. FAIL! I guess you really are not cool if you scare old friends.
I do think maybe the vamp look is not so bad being that I just finished a *clean* vamp type story called The Darkon Prophecy. It's set on another world. Where there are humans and darkons ( good vamps) and mond'tier ( good werewolves) and boser'traum (shapshiftering bad guys) There is one young man who doesnt know his new bride and her family are apart of the secret socity of darkons. He also doesn't know that he is a latent darkon himself as well as one that is prophesied to ride the three good races of the evil boser'traum.
I really went for a really rich German feel to this story. I wanted to do something different, so I gave the races my own Germanic or Germanic sounding names. Humans I left that one as is. Boser'traum is German for evil dream, Darkon I just made that one up I thought it sounded dark and Gothic-cool. Now I had a hard time with werewolf. I put the word werewolf in the translator from English to German and do you know what it told me the German word for werewolf was...that's right WEREWOLF! It was one of those moments that I slap my self on the head and say 'DORK!' So I came up with a new word that means basically the same thing. Mond'tier meaning in German moon beast.
Oh but I had such fun writing it. I sent just sent it off to Crushing hearts and black butterfly publishing (who is my new publisher) to see if they want to put it in their new anthology Dark Light, Which already features one of my stories called His First Snow. And that one is for sure not what it sounds like. You will have to get the book and find out.
Kerry thanks once again for having me on your blog.
PS you can find me at:
and you can find me on facebook and twitter by simply typing in my name Linna Drehmel.

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