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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


With the President being sworn in and all the balls and stuff going on in the political world, I feel the need to put my two cents worth in. You see, I am not really big into all this political stuff. I personally feel that the government as a whole needs to live like the rest of the nation does and maybe, just maybe they would see what they are doing to the American people as a whole. They would see the financial crap people are having to deal with. If they would just quit spending like the world was going to end we would all be in a better spot. The most important thing that these people need to do is to listen to the crap they are spewing to everyone else and actually act on what they promise or say they are going to do. If that happened, the world would be a better place. Enough with all the lies. They need to act, not just talk about it. Okay there are my two cents worth. Take it for what it's worth. Till next time.

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