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Monday, November 21, 2011

Market Your Writing and Yourself Before You Are Published

If you don’t have a Twitter account, get one. Social media is an essential part of marketing your writing. Start following readers and writers in a similar genre. You can search on Twitter just like you do on Google for mystery writers, crime fiction, romance book lovers, etc. Spend a few minutes every day searching and following other tweeps that are loosely related to what you are writing.  If you are trying to attract readers, authors and book bloggers to your Twitter make sure you are tweeting things about your genre. Tweet about great new books you’ve read and where you are on your writing journey. Retweet other authors, bloggers and readers when they have promotions or exciting news. Trust me, we appreciate it, take notice and follow you back.

It takes time to build up a Twitter account and the more targeted followers you have the better your book launch will be. There are some shortcuts if you have a marketing budget. connects people with similar interests for a small fee. Twiends has a seed currency. When you follow someone, you get seeds and can offer those seeds to people to follow you. You can also shortcut that process by just buying a package of seeds. The beauty of Twiends is that you can identify your interests and ask for matches that are similar.

Some people like to keep their Facebook private and personal but there is really no advantage to an author who is seeking readership to have a closed loop. Facebook is one of the best places for an author to network before their book is published. You can start to build relationships with other writers and book bloggers for cross-promotional purposes later on. Reader groups are plentiful on Facebook. Friend other writers on Facebook and watch where the pros are posting their book updates. What are the best Facebook groups for YA or Mystery/Thriller fiction? Start joining and commenting in these groups as a reader and a writer. It really helps to just get your name out there. When you launch your book, they will already know you and be more inclined to buy it.

The value of setting up Twitter and Facebook long before you launch your book is two-fold. One, you have a ready market for your book which can number in the thousands if you work hard to get followers. Two, it’s one less thing you have to set up when you launch your book, which can be a very busy and overwhelming process for a new author. The good news is, it just gets easier from there.

I’ve had readers contact me on Twitter and Facebook to tell me they’ve bought my books or liked my books so much they retweeted or shared one of my posts to their own social network. Social media marketing really does work and you can lay the groundwork before you even publish your first book.

Connie Brentford is a freelance writer and the author of the Amazon bestselling book The Moonlighter’s Guide To Online Writing For Immediate Income. Visit her website: and follow her on Twitter @conniebrentford.

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